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Getting Around In Sri Lanka

Travelling around Sri Lanka can be quite a challenging task. But, you can put your trust in Tripavi to help you get around the island without any issue. Sri Lanka can be a small Island but we are known for our difficult driving conditions along with roads lacking quality. However, our experienced fleet of guides and chauffers driving a wide range of vehicles like Cars, Vans and Coaches will help you get around this small but beautiful country without any problem. We at Tripavi believe that our guides and chauffers are the best in the country and that the vehicles we use provide you with a luxurious feel when travelling. Don’t question your next move. Let Tripavi drive you around.

Our Inspired Ideas

Bio Diversity hotspots

Sri Lanka is an island situated in the midpoint of the Indian ocean being a tropical paradise. Its location attributes to the high bio diversity of the country. Receiving up to a combined rainfall of 3000 mm a year, the earth plates of the country provides the climate conditions vary at each 2000ft elevation. Sri Lanka is home to over 3000 species of flora and fauna where about 600 species of them are endemic. 3% of Sri Lanka’s land is protected as nature reserves that showcase a high variety of the country’s nature.

Golden sandy beaches

Sri Lanka being an island offers some of the best beaches in the world. The country offers over one thousand kilometers of beaches which are diverse to each other in their own special way. Being a Tropical Paradise , our little island offers a beach destination for every season. Hot sunny beaches around the year compliments the salty sea breeze and the tropical palms, it truly is a travelers’ paradise.

Tying the knot in paradise

With over 2000 years of rich culture and history, offering picturesque settings in every area of the island, Sri Lanka is truly a dream wedding destination. No matter what your dream wedding setting may be, be it a sandy beach, a nature scape, a garden setting, or a wholly cultural wedding in any of the country’s rich cultural roots, We can assure you, that you get the wedding of a lifetime. And take back with you a Lifetime of memories and a day to remember.

Witness our UNESCO sites

Sri Lanka is home to a total of 8 UNESCO sites, Sri Lanka showcases its rich culture in these finer selection of locations. From primary rain forests to sacred cities, to temples, to beach towns, these UNESCO sites are just a small slice in the Vast beauty and culture of what Sri Lanka has to offer. You can bet your visit to our beautiful island full of rich culture and ancient architecture and home to these UNESCO sites will keep you in awe for all your days spent in our island nation.

Meet Sri Lankan Tuskers

Inhibiting mostly the lowland forests of Sri Lanka the species of Elepahas Maximus Maximus is an endemic species to Sri Lanka and is a sub species of the Asian Elephant. They are a gigantic yet gentle species. The Sri Lankan forests take pride in accommodating the largest gathering of these beautiful creatures, at one place. Sri Lanka’s elephants throughout the cultural history of them and our tuskers are the highlight of most our cultural outlook.

Find your giants in the deep Seas

Sri Lanka’s deep seas house some of the greatest variety of warm blooded marine mammals including the largest mammal on earth, the blue whale. Just a few kilometers off the coast of Sri Lanka and in to the Indian ocean these giants gather in herds and provide quite the views for visiting tourists. Some of these species are occasional visitors while some of them are residents. Whale species varying from blue whales to hump back whales and sperm whales roam freely around the Sri Lankan waters.

Tripavi In a Nut Shell

Tripavi is a passionate, vibrant travel company that specializes in creating truly exceptional tailor made travel for discerning clients. Founded by two of the most respected names in the Sri Lankan travel industry with a collective 40 years of experience and dedicated services towards their clients, we take a through a full approach in crafting and building tailor made holidays for any type for our clients. When it comes to our approach we are proud to say we are different to an average tour operator or travel agent, as we offer something a little more special. From city breaks and family holidays to honeymoons and couples getaways, we have a dedicated team of travel experts who are here to give our clients the inside track on the best locations, hotels and activities to match their requirements. The ethos of Tripavi is to provide our clients with exceptional customer service and a trip which surpasses their expectations. As a result, they return to us year after year and recommend us to others.

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We at Tripavi believe that the people behind a company are as important as the company itself. This is why Tripavi consists of a team of diverse individuals with varied goals, interests, hobbies and lifestyles. This diversity does not come in the way of achieving a common goal and their passion for what they do helps us in making sure our partners are able to create a memorable holiday experience in Sri Lanka. Tripavi compromises of a team who are known for their expertise in the field of travel and tourism. With the more senior and experienced team members guiding the new comers, we at Tripavi make sure we offer the best standards of service. A quick chat with any one of our staff will help you understand why we are your go to “Destination Management Company” for your travel needs. Put your faith in Tripavi to help you plan your most memorable holiday.


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